Wednesday, February 01, 2006

President Bush's State of the Union Address

I was also at work when President Bush addressed our country last night, BUT my mom recorded it for me! I hope we can do a Square Talk Radio show on that soon.

It was a very good speech from what I have seen so far. On of the things that struck me funny was the Democratic response. It seemed...well...Conservative. It looked to me as if the Liberals are doing what they do best...flip try to regain power in a country that is leaning further and father to the right. The Democrat Governor of Virginia spoke out for them, and he seemed to be pandering to conservatives, speaking of "God" and "working together for the good of our nation". Both of those things are good, but strangely "Carter-ish". If the liberals are so willing to cooperate why don't they quit trying to filibuster conservative court appointees? The answer?

They are not moving to the right, they just want you to think they are. They are playing off a Southern "down home" Democrat with the goal of throwing the Republicans out of the White House and out of power. They have done it before with Carter and Clinton and they are going to see if it will work again. So do not to tricked, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats are still liberal and it is only YOUR movement to the right that has changed their tune. And do you really want people who flip flop on every issues depending upon the latest poll making decisions for your country?

Very interesting. More later, hopefully with the other fine members of Square Talk. :-)

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Palm boy said...

I loved the part when Bush said the Social Security bill had not been passed, and the Democrats stood up and cheered.