Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Library Trip today!

Hey Guys!

I really had a good day today. Our family went into town and we got to go by the library! I always enjoy stopping by there. Tis' such a wonderful place to learn new and useful things. :-) I am really looking forward to reading some of the books I found. Here are some of the Titles:

1."Deliver us from evil" Sean Hannity

I don't know much about this fellow other then he does "Hannity and Colmes". But from the looks of the book I think I will like it.

2."The Scopes Trail"

This one got to me, I tell you!

3."We the people"

About the constitution. :-D

4."The Supreme Court"

Never hurts to learn a little more about it these days, does it?

5. "Lincoln's Yarns and Tales"

This one looks like fun!

Well, that some of what I am reading right now!
Talk to you more tomorrow, Lord willing!
The Blogging Boy Scout,

Note: As I have not read all these books yet, this post does not stand as a recommendation for the books listed above.


Reggie said...

You should like Sean Hannity, he's one of the conservative icons today. He also does a radio show for 3 hours every day.

Kristin said...

Let me know how you enjoy the Sean Hannity one! I listen to is talk show every night and love it too!