Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lets have a blogstorm

Hello everyone!

I can't be on long as I have some other schooling to do today. :-)

I was thinking about this article that calls for parents not to homeschool because public schools supposedly offer a higher regimen of academic education. I would be very interested to hear some of our fine homeschool bloggers write a article or post on the blog about their views of this article. Please read the article and then leave me a comment with a link to your response on your blog or if you don't have a blog just comment what you think. There is no need to bash the writer personally, only to give your thoughts on the views mentioned. When your links come in I will make a post (Lord willing) with the responses.

I hope to add my thoughts on this article today or tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!
The Blogging Boy Scout,

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Agent Tim said...

I'm so sorry Travis...blogger was down all night, so my post is finally up today:
here and I got mentioned this morning here. The wave is beginning and I'm gonna keep it going too ;).