Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blogging, a Cow and Virtue.

Hey everyone!

Update on Me: Yesterday, Dad, Grandma, and I went out and fed cows. As we were putting out the first bale, we noticed that one of the cows had jumped the fence and had popped one of the wires while Mrs. Cow herself had become entangled in the remaining wire. After cutting her out of the fence we went ahead and feed as it was getting dark and the light would soon be gone. So we have a repair job to do soon! :-)

The State of the Blogosphere: After looking high and low through the blogosphere, I have found the following,

Virtue Magazine has come out with its latest issue, number 7! This in one of the largest issues yet put out by this company of writers! Please stop by and give it a read!

Update! I have been thinking for some time about trying my hand at writing a western novel. It would be set up something like Tim's spy novel. :-) What do my readers think? Would this be something you would enjoy?

The Blogging Boy Scout,

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