Thursday, February 17, 2005

News and Coyote's roaming again

Hello all,

Coyotes Report: Well, yesterday as we were pulling in our driveway, we looked out into the pasture and saw three coyotes running across the field. Then this morning, there was a coyote sneaking around. I got the gun this morning but he was out of range. We are thinking about getting a .22 or a .243 so that when we see one, we could hit it. We also talked about getting a guard donkey(?) to protect the small calves.

Health Report: I am feeling ok today, I have a sinus headache and a stopped up nose, but not much else.

News Flash: I thought you might enjoy this story. Let me know what you think... :-)

A little old lady here in Oklahoma, was in her garage, when a attacker run up hit her several times, and then run off with her purse. The lady, while she was on the phone with police, handed a .45 handgun to her sister in law(I think) and the sister in law with her dog chased the robber down and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Two thumbs up to the little lady!

Here is a song I thought everyone might like. We really like it. It is called "God Bless the U.S.A.

Paging at the Capital in...3 days! :-)

Well, Talk to you later,
The Blogging Boy Scout,

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Michael Gallaugher said...

That was a funny story about the old lady. Have a great weekend my friend

Jake said...

LOL - I can't believe I didn't hear about that! That is soo funny!

One day until you hit the capitol!

Jordan said...


interesting Blog...
I am an conserv. TOO ..!! :-))

- but support Pres. Bush from Europe !!! ;-))

take care

Jordan (Catcher in the rye)
ps. pls visit my blog at

Travis said...

Thank you all for commenting! That is the most comments I have had in a while! Well, I am off to the Capital! Have a great week everyone!

The Blogging Boy Scout,

Jake said...

Oh, wow, I just saw the coyote thing - I missed that while reading last time. Do you have those around often?

Travis said...

Yes, we do have them (coyotes) roaming around every so often. We might see one, oh, every 2 months or so. They really don't bother the cows that much, but we have reason to believe that they had something to do with 2 of our cats disappearing... :-( We have started putting our cats up at night and we are hoping to get a rifle so we could hit them when we see them.

The Blogging Boy Scout,