Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm back!

Hey Everyone!

Travis the Boy Scout Blogger has returned! I had a great time serving as a page up at the capitol and met some great people and learned a lot about our state government.

*To All Fellow Pages* (And any other interested party's)

Hello and welcome to my blog! Please leave a comment to let me know you visited! I greatly enjoyed myself while at the capitol and am planning to have a great nights sleep tonight. :-)

I have another website that has forums here.

If you would just like to visit the forums you can visit here.

Also for my new readers, or return visitors I have linked to a song I really like. It is called "let Freedom Ring". I have posted this song here before, but would just like to add it again for my new readers who might not of heard it before.

The song is located here:

Also while you are here, please vote in my poll and sign my guestbook!

*General Announcement*
After some talk up at the capitol, I would like to write an article about the issue commonly called "separation of church and state". One of the young ladies there asked a question about why the senators are allowed pray before session. In this upcoming article I would like to talk in depth about this topic. Also, I would like to tell everyone what I did while serving as a page. :-D

Well, talk to all of you later,
In Christ,
The Blogging Boy Scout,


Jake said...

WELCOME BACK TRAVIS! Hope you got some good sleep last night, and can't wait to here how it was, and what you did!

Talk to you soon!

Agent Tim said...

WELCOME BACK! Same comments as above from Jake. Can't wait to hear how things went! Also, that article sounds very interesting. I actually did one on Tolerance in Virtue if you want to check that out.