Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today's the day!!!

Hello and Welcome to Election Day!!!

How is everybody? I am doing good. I hope everyone will get out and vote today. Mom will be going here pretty soon and Dad will vote this evening.

Iowa Voter update: My friend Taylor called some of the voters that where not home, and he got 1 no and 2 yes.

That makes the total: 6 Pro-Bush, 2 pro-Kerry, and 6 don't know or not-connected.

In other News: Please remember to pray for Mr. Bush today. He, Laura, and their daughters voted today in Texas, right before heading off to Ohio for a last minute rally. The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme court was in the hospital yesterday, for cancer treatment. That makes me think he while retire soon, which means that the next president will choose the next chief Justice. Do we want Bush or Kerry choosing our judges for the next 4 years?

The choice is on the ballot today.

I will try to keep typing throughout the day and keep the blog up to date.

Closing Statment: This is the day America chooses it's leader. What will that choice be?

I pray it is the right one. May God bless America and God Bless George W. Bush!!!

The Blogging Boy Scout,
Travis Henry