Monday, November 01, 2004

Calling Voters in Iowa

Hello again, Blog readers how are you?

I am fine hope you are too. I yesterday in my Bush e-mailings I was given the phone numbers of 15 voters in Iowa to call and ask the following:

Hello. I am calling on behalf of president Bush. Can he count on your vote tomorrow?

I thought that it would be a good test of my people skills and thought I would give it a whirl. So about 8 O'clock I made the following calls.

Lady #1. My first caller answered no.
Caller #2 Not home
Caller #3 Not a connected number
Caller #4 left a "remember to vote tomorrow" message
Man #5 Said Yes in a very cheerful voice!!! Hats off to Mr. Paul Elshoff!! :-D
Lady #6 Yes!! Busy at first but then a yes.
Caller #7 Married to Lady #6
Caller #8 left a "remember to vote tomorrow" message
Caller #9 Married to #8
Caller #10 not home
Caller #11 not connected
Lady #12 Yes!!!!
Lady #13 1st call busy, second call, yup or nope couldn't tell!?!?
Caller #14 Married to lady #13
Caller #15 Not connected

There you have it! It was kinda fun to talk to someone from Iowa about Mr. Bush. I would now like to remind YOU to vote tomorrow, and please vote for George!!!!

The Blogging Boy Scout,