Thursday, March 16, 2006

Youth Camp 2006

Hello everyone,

Today, my sister and I are getting ready for our church's annual Youth Camp. In years past it has provided a very welcome time of well supervised encouragement and fellowship to our youth. I truly feel that there are few places on this earth that are as uplifting and encouraging as this camp alongside the youth from our church. We play soccer, basketball, volleyball and board-games in the beautiful rolling hills and mountains of Western Oklahoma. This will be my last year due to my graduation this year, so this particular trip has special meaning to me.

I would like to remind my blog readers to not loose heart as the days march on and evil seems so strong. Be reminded that there is a mighty God who looks after those who take up their cross and follow Him. Lord willing, I will be back at the blogging controls Sunday night or Monday.

If you are hard up for reading material with out your daily dose of the BBS, you might have a look at what I was doing one year ago at this time. I went paging at the State Senate, got interviewed TWICE and was trying my best to support Terri Schivo. :-( But all in all, a cool time to look back on. So if your interested about what was going in WAY BACK THEN in March 2005, have a look.

Blessings to everyone,

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