Saturday, October 09, 2004

Good Evening

Hello All.

Today was a big day in the political realm. The second presidential debate took place tonight in a townhall-like fashion. I thought the President did very well tonight, much better than in the first debate. I really liked it when Mr. Kerry said that Mr. Bush was cutting taxes so that his (Mr. Bush's) timber company would get a large tax brake. Mr. Bush jumped up and replied "I own a timber company?" "That's news to me." (Laughter) "Do I need wood?" LOL He seemed very upbeat tonight and on top of the debate. Later when Mr. Kerry was asked point blank, What would you say to someone who beliefs that abortion is murder? He replied that he respected the young lady's beliefs but supports government funded abortions anyway. Mr. Bush came out very strong for pro-life, saying that he did not believe that the government should support abortion , and supporting adoption as an alternative to abortion. Over all I was very happy with Mr. Bushes performance tonight.

In Other news: Today I went to Dr. Coburns headquarters in Ada, to get some more information and some of the new Bush/Coburn signs. As I walked in with my Bush/Cheney button on he jump up and greeted me. He was all ready to sign me up as a volunteer but I couldn't as I am still in high school and really can't support any candidate full time as yet. :-) However he gave me some signs as well as some information to post around town, as well as some good ideas on getting out conservative values. I thought maybe I could interview him for a future issue and ask how he came to be involved in his very large support of Coburn.

Well, got to go, it is getting late,
See you,

P.S. Here is Mr. Bush's Website
Here is Dr. Coburn's Website