Saturday, April 29, 2006

Travis has been kidnapped.

Several days ago, our friend Travis was working at his computer when a golden beast attacked him and forced him off the internet. Travis fought back with great vigor and vein with all the tools he could bring to bear, but to no avail. With one last great effort, he formatted his harddrive and escaped the cluches of the hardware error. He then begin searching for his friends, his blog, his AIM, all the companates of the computer that he managed to save...or had lost altogether. Finally, he restores enough to again look upon his good friend "blog".

That's right folks. After a computer bug that kept me off the internet for over a week, I am finally back and kicking here at the Boy Scout Blogger. Here are some updates.

I enrolled over at ECU for the fall term and am looking forward to starting college. It should be a real learning experience in more ways then one. The current majors I am looking at are Legal Studies, Political Science or History. I am currently leaning toward Legal Studies.

I have been working down at the store and working on mastering my duties.

And speaking of work, that time is growing near, so I had better bid you good bye with the joyful knowledge that the Boy Scout Blogger is back online!

Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

LOL, poor Travis! Hope you're computer is over its bug. ;-)


Kierstyn Paulino said...

:D welcome back!

MVB said...

Welcome back! And be careful... :)

Anonymous said...'ve got a bunch of spam in your guestbook!

Anonymous said...

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