Monday, December 27, 2004

What We did on Christmas...

Well, We got ready and headed up to my grandparents house. After greetings and salutations, we dug into the food. Oh, there where mountains of it! There were cookies and cakes and Mexican food and best of all tea! After that my Uncle L was talking about his Christmas project of brush burning. He recently had a bunch of trees bulldozed and he has been trying to burn them off. However it hasn't been going so well. The tree's just won't burn up hardly. We also watched the History channel some about this time, they had some shows about the shroud of Turin and the Holy Grail. They had another show called "The history of God" but when it came on the fist line went something like this: "50 million years ago when man came into existence, he has thought about God" I though "Well, they already missed it" and decided to do something else. In here somewhere we opened gifts! I got a rachett set from my Grandad,(Whoopee!) and the book "the Purpose Driven Life". My sister and mom both got some scarves and my dad got some fix-a-flat,a ice scraper, and some tools! My Grandad is a mechanic, in case you were wondering. :-D My Uncle D and I talked about what we could do to fix up my future car, and 85, Grand Prix. He said I should to buy some 48 inch tires and make it to where I could raise it up in the air! I think we are going to sell it though and put the money in something better. Later My cousin and I talked about security systems and karate classes

Well, that's what I did on Christmas day 2004!

The Blogging Boy Scout,